Handbook of Project-based Management

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Handbook of Project-based Management

Handbook of Project-based Management

Discover How to Dramatically Improve the Processes of Project-Based Management in Any Organization! One of the most influential books ever written on the development of project management, The Handbook of Project-Based Management has been completely revised for a new generation of students and practitioners. The Third Edition now features a major change in focus from delivering corporate objectives to achieving strategic change, including embedding corporate change after a project is completed. Filled with over 150 illustrations, The Third Edition of The Handbook of Project-Based Management contains: A rigorous guide to project management practice for the twenty-first century Complete tools for managing project performance and process New to this edition: new focus on achieving strategic change; new information on the project life cycle; new applications to different industries; new material on strategic design, stakeholders, and organizational capability; shift in emphasis from administrative procedures to governance Inside this Cutting-Edge Guide to Twenty-First Century Project Management The Context of Projects: Projects for Delivering Beneficial Change Project Success and Strategy The People Involved Managing Performance: Scope Project Organization Quality Cost Time Risk Managing the Process: Project Process Project Start-Up Project Execution and Control Project Close-Out Governance of Project-Based Management: Project Governance Program and Portfolio Management Developing Organizational Capability Governance of the Project-Based Organization International Projects

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