When Nature Moves In

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When Nature Moves In

When Nature Moves In

The National Trust is one of the largest conservation charities in the United Kingdom and cares for hundreds of historic buildings. As well as thousands of visitors, plants and animals enter its properties and structures, often seeking shelter or food. Much of this coexistence is harmless, and threatened only by building maintenance or alterations.For the first time, this guide shares the Trust's decades of nature conservation and building expertise. It covers how to: * plan work on buildings, including the relevant statutory requirements, what you can do and when to call in the professionals. * identify signs and effects of habitation by common mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, insects and spiders, plants, lichens and fungi. * reconcile, wherever possible, the needs of wildlife, the building or the human inhabitants without detriment to the others.Intended for everyone from house owners or those doing DIY to architects, builders and construction professionals, this book is a perfect introduction to building maintenance and repair without harming wildlife. This publication uniquely assists and advises on the essentials for all forms of wildlife, in addition to directing readers to specialised sources of expertise.

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